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[Powershell] Mobile Powershell via USB storage

What You tell about mobile Powershell profile? Below I show How to configure it 🙂Ok, so lets start 🙂

First, You have to open Your USB and create shortcut to Powershell.

m-ps-1 m-ps-2Now, it’ time to copy Your local profile to the same path where You have created Powershell.exe shortcut. If you don’t know how to do it, please check in last my post [Powershell] $Profile.

When You have done it, you can configure Powershell shortcut to run with your profile from USB. To do this, You have to add values „-noexit” and „.\profile.ps1” to shortcut properties. Next please delete „Start in” value.

m-ps-3Now when You run Powershell from this shortcut from USB it always run Your profile 🙂