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[Powershell] Using *.msc i *.cpl files.

Last I wanted to learn shortcuts to Windows Settings, so one thing what I need is print list of *.cpl and *.msc files. Of course I don’t use Internet to find list of this files and desciprion 🙂 I found these files manualy, export name to txt and add descriptions 🙂

So to find *cpl and *.msc and export to txt I used command bellow:

Get-ChildItem c:\windows\system32 |? {$_.Name -like „*.msc” -or $_.Name -like „*.cpl” }| ft Name | Out-File $Home\shortcut.txt

Next I open saved file:

$home\shortcut.txt + [TAB]

Now in Notepad I added description, print and hang up in my office.

Always when I want to open some settings in Windows I can see on the list shortcut. To use it I press „WinKey + R” and write file name.  After some time I think that I will remember this shortcuts 🙂